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For Stainless Steel
For Stainless Steel

Product Description

Product Code Product Name AWS
SMAW 011 NC-38L A5.4 E308L-16
SMAW 012 NC-39L A5.4 E309L-16
SMAW 013 NC-36L A5.4 E316L-16
SMAW 014 NC-317L A5.4 E317L-16
SMAW 015 NC-37L A5.4 E347-16
FCAW 004 DW-308L A5.22 E308LT0-1/4
FCAW 005 DW-309L A5.22 E309LT0-1/4
GTAW 013 TG-S308L A5.9 ER308L
GTAW 014 TG-S309L A5.9 ER309L
GTAW 015 TG-S316L A5.9 ER316L
GTAW 016 TG-S317L A5.9 ER317L