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S-Tech Cleaner
S-Tech Cleaner
- non-toxic to stainless steel
- aluminium pre-weld cleaner
- corrosion remover

Product Description

S-Tech is a unique organic biodegradable cleaning agent for the surface preparation of stainless steel, aluminium and other alloys materials.

S-Tech was developed as a safe, cost effective replacement of toxic, highly flammable enviromentally dangerous chemical such as spirits, MEK, Thinners, White Spirits.

S-Tech will removes dust, soil, rust iron or organic contamination without affecting the surface finish of stainless steel. An excellent cleaner for stainless steel architraves, elevator doors handrails and aluminium materials.

- readlily mixed with water 
- Effective removal of organic soil, dirt and iron
- Removes corrossion, rust stain, oxide
- improve surface passivation.
- provide the steel with a brighter surface.

- Very low evaporation rate make S-TEch economical
- Non-flammable, for safety
- Non Toxic, for safety
- Biodegradable, comply to water, waste trade compliance
- Pre weld cleaner for improved weld quality
- Effective stainless steel, aluminium cleaner for the removal of crayon, marker pen, soil general oil & grease.

Direction for Use
Apply S-Tech by rag or spray applicator onto surface affected by adhesive, marker pen, oil grease and contaiminant. Usage at room temperature direct from container, wipe dry prior to welding.

S-Tech is avalaible in 1 (One) litre, 4 (Four) litre or other packing on special request.

Safety Precaution
Contact with skin may cause de-oiling and drying, when repeated contact cannot be avoided. It is recommended to wear nitrile gloves.
Avoid contact with eyes, may cause irritation or pain, but permanent damage is unlikely. If comes into contact flush eyes with copious quantity of water.